We're making a music video!

What began as a small two-person project is now a full-blown independent short film, with a crew and live actors and special effects (you knew there were gonna be lightsabers).

It's a music video for one of my most popular songs, DagobahHere's a lot more information about the project.

We're being as economical as possible while still working with professionals who need to be paid fairly for their work. They are working for cheap because this project is cool and fun and involves lightsabers, but it adds up. So we've been crowdfunding the budget and we're nearly done raising the funds! 

Want to get on board? Click the button below to contribute via paypal.

Anyone who donates will be credited as a "Jedi Investor—someone who chose to donate even after our initial campaign ended." 

If you'd like one of the perks from our original Indiegogo campaign, just let us know in the comments field when you process your payment, and we'll hook you up. 

Thanks for helping us do this thing!